About Me

To know me is to love me. Once you get to know me, you will love me.

I am several years into my career as a professional personal assistant, private lingere model, muse, lover, confidant. There are many names used to describe what I am. None of which I feel fully realizes the complexity and the art involved in creating, realising, and achieving the ultimate fantasy.

Men as they should, love variety. What better way to explore the wondrous variety of the female form than by booking to spend time with a voluptuous private lingere model? Or maybe you would like my personal assistant services. What would booking a date with this BBW bombshell entail?


The possibilities are endless and imagination is a wonderful thing.  I possess the intelligence and whit to make our time memorable.  Please take your time, look over my website and please don’t be afraid to reach out with any and all curiosities.


Melanie Summers